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Dayton’s Best Local Coffee Shops

I’m always up for a good coffee, but especially now as the weather is turning colder, there is something incredibly comforting about cozying up with a good cup!  Whether meeting an old friend or trying to catch up on work, a good local coffee shop is such a comforting place to me. Since my crazy busy days in grad school, it was easier to just stop at the nearest Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up on the go, and while I still love to stop in every now and again, lately I’ve been having fun trying out some new shops.


Boston Stoker – Main St, Centerville
Located in an old bank, the inside is bright, warm, and fun.  It has a great energy, especially if you’re there to work.  Whether you’re getting a coffee or a non-caffeinated beverage, you can’t go wrong!

Tastefully Roasted – Oakwood Ave, Dayton
This classic coffee shop has comfortable seating for you to settle into while you enjoy your drink.  It was the perfect place to catch up with an old friend (not too loud to hear) and appreciate their works of coffee art.

EPIC Coffee Shoppe – Stroop Rd, Kettering
I loved the modern look, but comfortable feel of this place.  It had a bright, airy feel, and very friendly staff.  With multiple seating areas and some amazing brews, I could spend all day in this place!

As I’ve just started my endeavor to check out all the great local shops, here are the ones next up on my list to try.  Have you been to any of these?

Ghostlight Coffee – Wayne Ave, Dayton
“your neighborhood coffeehouse” offers roasts from across the states, but their primary roast is Deeper Roots Coffee from Cincinnati.

Gem City Catfé – 5th Street, St. Anne’s Hill, Dayton
Get your fix while hanging out with some friendly felines.

Press Coffee Bar – Wayne Ave, Dayton
Enjoy some local roasts, brews, and pastries in a simple atmosphere.

Your turn… where do you get your favorite cup of joe?  Any recommendations for the list?

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