Dayton Hiking Guide

One of my absolute favorite things about Dayton is the shear abundance of parks and hiking trails.  There are so many great places around town to get out, enjoy nature, and maybe even get a little exercise.  I live near one of the Five Rivers Metroparks, so puppy and I love getting out for a good walk most days of the week.  Knowing how important these walks are to me, proximity to the parks was something I factored in to my home-buying decision.  So, if you’re anything like me, or you just want to know what’s around, here are a few of my favorite places for a good hike!


Hills & Dales Metropark

This park is so aptly named as the terrain is quite hilly.  Situated between Oakwood and Kettering, it’s a great (and quick) getaway any day of the week!  The park is long and narrow (about 3 miles of trail), but with all the side trails, there are plenty of opportunities for variation.

Hiking with Pup

Germantown Metropark

Germantown is a little further out, but a great option when I want to get in some miles.  At 1,665 acres, this park has nearly 14 miles of beautiful trails that will really help you feel away from it all.  I’ve hiked through in the summer under the shade of the tree canopies and in the winter crunching through those fallen leaves.  No matter the time of year, it never disappoints!

Road through Woods

Taylorsville Metropark

Running along the Great Miami River, the views here are amazing and there’s always wildlife hanging around.  I also love the little waterfalls.  While there’s enough trail to get some double-digit miles in, I usually stick to the yellow and orange trails.  There’s only about 7 miles of designated trail, but there are paths that extend beyond this.


John Bryan State Park

I grew up coming to this park, and my favorite time was in the winter hiking through the snow.  It is so pretty with the river frozen and a coating of snow hanging on the trees.  Bonus, if it’s around Christmastime, Clifton Mill is nearby to see their amazing display of lights.  You might also stop by the Glen Helen Nature Preserve nearby. No matter what time of year you come it’s always a beautiful and peaceful place to go for a walk.

People Hiking

This is just a small sampling of the trails around the area!  For more options check out the Five Rivers Metroparks, the Centerville-Washington Park District, and Ohio state parks (Caesar Creek!).  Dogs are allowed on leash at each of the parks called out above, but always double check.

Also, if you enjoy hiking with others, try Dayton Hikers!  Most of what I’ve discovered, I’ve found while hiking with them.  They are a great group of people who like just to have fun outdoors!

What did I forget?  Where is your favorite place to hit the trails?  Comment below!

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